Fun Funny Games For Kids

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Let’s face it, playing funny games with kids is a great way to get your child’s attention, and it’s often pretty funny, too. The following are some of the best ones you can play with your kids.

Let’s start with an exciting cartoon type game. Little black cats can jump from one end of the street to the other while dragging an invisible string behind them. They have to jump the gutter while avoiding hazards, people, and other cats in the process.

The next funny game is for kids. In this game, kids are walking in the woods and they have to find their way to a particular destination. As the kids advance in the woods, there are some obstacles that must be avoided at all costs.

The Yellow Steps Game

The kids walk a yellow path, which they have to walk with the speed of a cat. Along the way, they can bump into obstacles or see things that could potentially hurt them, but they have to get to the destination and reach it before the clock runs out.

You can also play this game where you have to get to the white house without bumping into the actual white house. The only difference is that you have to pass an orange road. This is a race against the clock.

The Lake Game

The kids have to reach a boating destination before the boat has to be abandoned and moved out of the water.

 The Chocolate Field

The kids have to walk through a field and can hit a punching bag or break a glass. The goal is to cross the line, but it’s usually fun to be the last person.

 Swimming Pool Game.

The kids have to paddle in the pool and the goal is to paddle to the object.

Comic Book Game

The kids are given some comic books and the goal is to identify all the jokes in the comic books. The kid that is the first to figure out the jokes wins.

These are all nice games to play with your kids. If you want something to sit down and enjoy with your kids, then these are definitely good choices to do so.

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