History of Video Games

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The very first video game called Asteroids was released in 1979 and there has been no looking back. Video games are definitely addictive and they just seem to continue getting better with time. Most of us remember going to arcades in the 1980s and putting a quarter in to play Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and many other great games. Looking back, they all had a common element the gaming had the same screens over and over but they just kept getting more difficult.

As time went on, video games evolved and they were made with many different levels that allowed people to move on to something else within the game. Super Mario Brothers and Pitfall both allowed people to move to more advanced areas of the game. Of course it was disappointing to end the game and then have to start with those lower screens again. Yet there was a thrill to keep moving on and see what was next after a particular level was passed.

Arcades took a back seat though when home gaming consoles were introduced. The Atari was a huge hit with millions of them sold. These types of gaming consoles allowed people to play games in their homes over and over again. There are still a few arcades out there but with the prices now up to about seventy five cents per game most people prefer to play them at home.

As computers became more popular video games made their way to that format as well. Since you didn’t have to buy a gaming console or pay to play the games it was perfect. Some sites require you to sign up for a membership but these are often free. They make money off the advertisements that are featured on their pages.

Advanced technology has lead to some amazing things in the area of video games. You can now play them from your home console or online against people in other countries. This is a great way to meet new people as well as to continue being challenged with the games you enjoy playing.

Video games are not just for the younger generations either. The top selling video game of all time is Halo 3. Statistics show that people all over the United States called in sick to work in the week following the release of it. These were adults that would rather spend their time mastering this new video game than going to work!

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