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In today’s internet marketing environment, YouTube gamer videos are taking the web by storm. YouTube itself has recently announced an amazing feature that will allow users to subscribe to channels and shows from the best of YouTube’s gaming community. In this article we’ll take a look at how these new subscription options are changing the face of online marketing, and why video games are the new stars of the video game industry!

Top Youtube Gamers – Combined by traffic statistics, from all different platforms around the world, top Youtube gamers have collectively given a new gaming focus to internet marketing. The most popular channels on YouTube combine the most popular gaming communities and offer a unique content type that tends to drive more traffic to the site than other similar content types. Gamers are no longer being left out of the conversation, or unable to participate in some of the most popular online discussion venues. Gamers everywhere are now getting paid for being a YouTube gamer. Top YouTube gamers are now getting paid to make live streaming videos for YouTube.

YouTube Marketing Hounds – With the power of YouTube, companies can now bring a lot more attention to their brands with YouTube gamer based channels. This strategy allows the company to use the influence of the internet’s biggest audience to increase awareness of their brand, while also increasing their revenue through content revenue sharing. Every YouTube user is a potential fan page and advertiser. If you know how to get your YouTube gamer based channel the attention it deserves, you will be able to earn serious money with advertising revenue sharing. Make sure you upload high quality videos that engage and entertain your audience so they will stick around and help promote your brand.

A New Gaming Opportunity – YouTube is expanding into the world of interactive gaming. More YouTube channels are going to be added that cater to this growing trend. If you have a high quality game-based channel, you’ll be able to reach a lot more viewers than you would with other less well-established gaming channels. The key is to provide interesting content, interactivity, and original video game videos that your viewers will enjoy.

Your Competitive Edge Is Your Channel – If you’re an active gamer, you probably play on at least a couple of gaming communities. Some of them may allow you to upload videos of your matches and earn some revenue from them. You may also want to start making some YouTube videos about your own gaming experiences. These can be uploaded to share your expertise with others. Being able to connect with your audience and providing useful information helps you build a name for yourself as a knowledgeable gamer.

Get Your Profile Up And Running – You can’t call yourself a gamer until you have a YouTube profile. To upload gaming videos on YouTube, you first need to set up a free account. This is a simple process. When you’re logged into your YouTube account, go to Settings > Account Setup and click the Account tab. On the left side, click “Add a New Account,” and fill in all the appropriate fields. When finished, YouTube will ask for your username, which you type in.

Use Your Gaming Channels To Build A Following – By now, you should have an idea of how to use YouTube to build a following or fan base for your video game channels. By creating videos related to your games that get viewers to visit your YouTube channel, you can draw in those who are interested in what you have to say about your hobby. As you gain more fans, you’ll be able to promote new gaming releases or just do general blog posts about your favorite topics. As a successful YouTube gamer, you’ll know how important it is to build a community around your game. This can be an excellent source of extra income as well!

Getting More Traffic To Your YouTube Channel Is Easy – One of the best things about being a successful YouTube gamer is how easy it is to attract more traffic to your website. You can easily do this by writing about your video games and making sure you include links to your gaming channel so that people who like your gaming video games can find your channel. This strategy works great when you have many friends who enjoy playing video games as well. By adding a link to your gaming channel in their profile, your friends can be notified whenever there is a new video game that you have released. Once they check out your channel, they’ll be sure to visit often.

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