Popular Children’s Birthday Party Games

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Popular Children’s Birthday Party Games

Have you ever been to a birthday party that didn’t have any games for kids? It just seems like the party was planned only for the adults. The children sat around playing video games all day long. At the end of the day nobody was playing any games. Isn’t it time you took control and made your children’s birthday party a success? You can with these great games for kids.

You can make your party a success with birthday party games for kids. One game to consider is a musical chairs game. This is one where everyone sits in one circle. Each person gets a sheet of paper and a pencil. One person starts by holding up a sheet of paper and a pencil and the first person that guesses correctly wins a prize.

Another fun little party game for kids is one that incorporates music. It’s called ‘Happening Music’. This is a simple game where each person is given three raps or beats. They are not songs, just rhythms.

Then you break out the rhythm and people must guess the song. The first person that can do it gets a prize. It’s a simple game that kids love and it gets them into the music. Your kid’s birthday party should be about them, not about some music that doesn’t fit their age.

Treasure hunts are one of the oldest birthday games for kids that still keep kids entertained. They are great when there is more than one kid present. Sometimes parents like to have a different treasure hunt at each birthday celebration. This is an option for you as well.

Some games for kids party games include charades. This is a good game for children who already have good problem solving skills. It is also a great game for older kids too, because they can be challenged to a finish. For younger kids, they will have more fun if they guess the correct answer first and then get the prize after. Again, it all depends on the age of the child. One word of warning, though, if there are older kids at your little one’s party, this one may not work so well.

Speaking of age-old games for kids party games, I don’t think there is a more fun one than’musical chairs’. This is simple enough that anyone can learn how to play it. Older kids will have more fun showing off their newly learned skills. The classic game of Musical chairs is as boring as it sounds, but it is still a lot of fun.

The final game for kids birthday party games that we’re going to talk about today involves a simple musical chairs style. This one involves a chair with four posts on each end that touch each other in a certain way. The object of the game is to simply move a chair from one end of the chair to the other end without touching any of the posts. Whoever gets the last chair across wins. Again, age doesn’t matter as much as you might think, as even toddlers can learn to do this.

Another game that little kids love is a variation of Musical chairs, where there are two different music stops. One music stop will run around the chair and circle back to the start, and the other music stop will be attached to the chair and circle back around the center. Whoever gets the last child standing becomes the winner. With toddlers, this one may not work quite as well, since they are still learning how to stand on their own.

Some of the older kids party games for kids will also have a few differences. One game requires that there is at least one adult in the group. This can be an older kid or someone older that isn’t too young. Another game is one that asks that there be two people in a group, or it can be one person in front of two people. There are many different variations that can be played, and they are all fun.

Of course, the most famous children’s birthday party games for kids are the ones that incorporate popular characters from movies and television shows. A couple popular Legos is Batman and Superman, and there are a few different versions of the Ninja Birthday Party Game, where the winners have to act out some martial arts moves. For an extra special birthday treat, maybe include Spongebob Squarepants, and let the winner gets to keep the toy.

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