The Best Board Games For Kids

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Board games teach children so many wonderful skills and require those skills in their development: cooperation, sharing, rule following, and mathematics skills (the majority of board games have some kind of math component to them whether you consider it a game or not). The beauty of board games is that the whole family can play together and even better, that if more than one person likes the game there’s no contesting the fact that everyone will win. It also makes learning fun for children. After all, isn’t that why we get bored sometimes? Games that allow children to cooperate with others, tell a story, and use imagination are great teaching tools.

One reviewer said that his son loved Trivial Pursuit, but didn’t want to play it with his brothers, preferring instead to do his own “manly” things. That sounds like a pretty good thing for any board game, especially one designed for young children. There’s a lot of potential for creativity here: one reviewer said her son kept asking to play his “manly” games, and when she bought him a wooden pretend railway he just had to have it. You can see the potential for lots of great things here.

Another reviewer writes one reviewer writes that Dora the Explorer is a board game that will help your little girl to develop her “spatial awareness” skills. In one game, she learns to find her way through a maze, discovering different tiles along the way as she moves along. She also finds items, which helps her progress her character’s life. Playing this game with your daughter, or with a friend, could be an interesting bonding experience.

One reviewer writes that Scrabble is a game that teaches kids Spanish. This is a pretty accurate assessment. While this sounds like an old wives’ tale, kids do love to learn a new language. If you are looking for a fun, fast way to build up your child’s vocabulary, Scrabble is probably a good choice. It also provides a good way to learn grammar and spelling. Other reviewers, however, write that Scrabble is more trouble than it’s worth for younger children.

One purchaser writes that Candyland is “one of those games that can really help families bond”. That’s a nice summation of the general consensus among reviewers. Candyland is a family game that almost everyone enjoys. It provides an excellent opportunity for family interaction, especially as younger kids join in. If you have a child who loves candy, then you might want to look into this one.

One reviewer writes that Word Count is “the perfect word game for the whole family”. Another writes that this is a game that’s just right for those times when parents aren’t home to supervise kids. The whole family can spend some time working on word counters. This one is definitely recommended for teens and adults ages 12 and up.

If there’s one board game that every five-star reviewer agrees is a must buy for younger kids, it has to be Operation and Police Agency. This is a great game that will keep even younger kids entertained. Most of the five-star reviews agree that this is a game that the whole family can enjoy, which is a huge plus.

Finally, one reviewer explains that Dora the Explorer is a great choice for older kids as well. She writes that Dora has “made me a lot of friends”, which is a good thing if you’re a mom or dad with young kids. Dora brings a lot to the table, and most parents appreciate the variety of people she meets. This game is definitely one of the best choices if your kids are into animals and building for hours on end.

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