YouTube Gets Blocked in China – Is This What the Chinese Regulators Are Going to Do?

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YouTube is an American online social networking and video sharing platform owned by Google. It was launched in January 2021 by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley. It’s the second most popular site, with over one billion daily viewers who together watch over one billion hours of recorded videos every day. The site is free to use and has quickly become a major force on the Internet.

It’s easy to use, thanks to YouTube apps for phones. These applications make uploading videos easier than ever before with just a few clicks of the mouse. For example, anyone with a Google account can upload videos to YouTube. Now you can share videos with anyone, anywhere! Here’s how:

To upload videos to YouTube, you need a web browser and YouTube app. Web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome are already supported on the iPhone. If you’re on an iPhone and don’t have an app, the YouTube website will prompt you to download the latest version. You also have the option to go into YouTube’s mobile website to upload videos right from your iPhone. Google is not involved in the video upload process on the iPhone. That’s because it serves Google ads, so it doesn’t provide a direct link to content on YouTube.

One day in March, YouTube launched YouTube Red, which provides better functionality for users on YouTube. If you’re using YouTube on an iPhone, you’ll notice a new feature in YouTube. If you’re on YouTube Red, you’ll see an icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you tap on it, you can go into YouTube’s secret mode, where you can access all kinds of features that are unavailable in regular YouTube.

YouTube has been banned in China. The Chinese government notified all YouTube members that they will be restricted from posting videos on YouTube in China starting in January 2021. This was done in response to YouTube’s partnership with Baidu, which became the largest search engine in China. According to the Chinese government, YouTube will only be permitted to operate within China. This is yet another instance of YouTube being blocked in China.

There are many theories surrounding the reasons YouTube was blocked in China. Most Chinese netizens speculate that YouTube might have been blocked due to copyright infringement. One issue is that China is the largest producer of movies and TV shows, so many people from other countries would want to watch YouTube videos as China’s culture is vastly different from the USA’s culture. Other people speculate that China may have blocked YouTube because they didn’t want American citizens to have access to YouTube.

On February 14, the government issued a notice to YouTube stating that anyone uploading videos to YouTube will be subjected to fines and penalties. On that same day, they also released another notice that all YouTube kids channels will be filtered and offline by Chinese authorities. In both notices, they request that parents register their children’s names on their children’s accounts. They also request that all YouTube channels associated with China be blacklisted.

Since there is no clear reason for this action, we can only speculate that the Chinese government considers YouTube to be a source of unprofessional film and they wish to filter it. There is no clear evidence to support this claim. There are rumors that Chinese officials are fed up with Google’s attempts to control the internet and are seeking a bigger player in the internet market. These two events are signs that YouTube is about to get blocked in China.

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